360 FloorTec

360 Floortec

A premium epoxy, gloss interior, 100% solids, two component, floor coating designed to provide ease of application and durability for concrete protection. Because of its unique epoxy polymer system, it has the advantages of high build, low odor, near Zero-VOC, and low viscosity - providing excellent flow and self-leveling features. Additionally, this product has superior chemical resistance and hot tire pick-up performance. This product is available in a full palette of colors to fit into any decorating requirements and can be mixed with decorative chips, color micas, and other effect pigments to create a unique decorative floor coating.

Environment: Interior

Recommended Uses: Formulated for interior architectural or light industrial applications. Recommended for protecting concrete floors in warehouses, manufacturing plants, residential and industrial garages, mechanical rooms, commercial kitchens, and flooring in schools and health care.

Colors: White & Custom Colors tinted to a full palette of colors to order. Bases: White (Pastel), Deep, Accent

Quick Information

Epoxy Floor Coating Gloss Finish


Quality/Type: Premium
Type: Finish
Solids by Volume: 79.0%