Let’s face it, planning out your home decor isn’t always as effortless as Instagram makes it seem. Choosing pretty colors that go together seamlessly can be quite tricky, especially as you’re changing your decor from season to season. Bolder colors, such as red, can be a bit more difficult to style without design experience and a careful eye.

If red is one of your favorite colors to decorate with, don’t worry. Many trendy color palettes include shades of red. You don’t have to feel like living in a perpetual Christmas shop. So, if you have red paint on your walls and need some color palettes to pair it with, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of our favorite color schemes for each season, all of which work very well with red.

Spring Color Schemes

Are you trying to spruce up your home for the spring? Popular springtime aesthetics often sport pastel and muted colors. Here are a few different shades of red and complementary color schemes to experiment with.

Mustard, Sage, Blush, and Brick Red

This color combo is a popular option as colors are starting to return to the world after winter. Yellow Shout, Cactus Valley, Precious Peony, and Tint of Rose are all beautiful paint color options from Vista Paint.

Rose, Gold, and Maroon

If you want a spring color scheme that is slightly more sophisticated, this is it. The light rose and gold in this color combo will lighten it up, making it feel spring-y and bright. With the addition of other colors, this combination could also work for other seasons. For paint color options from Vista Paint, check out Royal Wedding, Moonrose, and Goldenrod or Danish Pine.

Maroon, Mauve, Blush Pink, Cream

This color combo is rosy and romantic, perfect for the spring season that is bursting with blooms and blossoms. Vista Paint has some paint colors that would be perfect including Wild Rose, Poppy Prose, Impatient Heart, and Pinkathon.

Summer Color Schemes

When summer comes around, many of your decorative spring colors should brighten and become more vibrant. Here are a few happy summer color schemes for you to consider.

Hot Red-Pink, Lime Green, and Yellow

If you love pink, then don’t be afraid to choose a red with a bold, rosy tint. Hot red-pink will look great in this color combo. A few fun color options from Vista Paint are Childhood Crush, Lucerne, and Lemon Peel.

Orange-Red, Coral, and Cream

If you love the bright colors of summer but don’t want to deal with so many colors at once, you’ll love this gradient color scheme. Endless Possibilities, Sari, and Albino are a few great color options from Vista Paint that fit this aesthetic.

Bright Red, Lilac, and Light Turquoise

Who says that red can’t be paired with cool colors? This color combo is so summery and stunning. For paint options, try Endless Possibilities, Puple Hollycock, and Island Moment from Vista Paint.

Fall Color Schemes

During fall, you can take plenty of inspiration from the autumn leaves that surround you. There are many beautiful shades of red (and accompanying colors) that you can use to decorate your home for the season.

Orange-Red, Mustard, and Cream

If you love classic fall colors, this color scheme is for you. Try using The Best of the Bunch, Beeswax Candle, and Whiskers from Vista Paint for the best results.

Rusty Red, Light Sage, Dusty Rose, and Olive Green

For a little more creative variation, try this fall color palette. Vista Paint has some great paint color options including The Ego Has Landed, Hidden Glade, Peony Prize, and Mother Nature.

Brick Red, Muted Blue, and Deep Purple

Similar to one of our summer color schemes, this color scheme has lots of variety of colors for a retro feel. From Vista Paint, try using Romp, Madonna Blue, and Berry Patch.

Winter Color Schemes

Different shades of red are definitely staples of the holiday season aesthetic. Here are a few winter color schemes that are sure to wow your guests and create the perfect, cozy, holiday feel in your home.

Cranberry Red, Forest Green, and Taupe

This classic Christmas-inspired color palette is sure to please many. Try Velvet Cake, Jungle Adventure, and Palest of Lemon from Vista Paint for the perfect colors.

Bright Red, Black, and White

This holiday color combo is a little more chic and sophisticated. You can use Vista Paint colors Party Time, Silent Sea, and White Shoulders.

Bright Red, Blush Pink, and Mint

If you want a holiday candy-inspired aesthetic, you’ll love this one. Vista Paint has some great options including Endless Possibilities, Tint of Rose, and Turquoise Tower.

What Paint Should I Use?

Now, if you haven’t even painted your walls yet but you’re just trying to figure out if you can make red work in your home, here are a few hacks. You can order paint samples or chips from Vista Paint, have them shipped straight to your home, and try out a bunch of different color combos to see what works best in your space. When you’re trying to decide what color you like best, make sure you see the colors at different times of the day. When the light in your home varies, the shade of the paint colors will also vary. Leaving the colors up for 24 hours while you’re deciding can help you see what color works best for your space at any time of day.

When you’re buying paint products, make sure you find a paint brand that has low levels of chemicals such as VOCs. VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, can emit potentially harmful chemicals into your home which could unknowingly put your health at risk. Shopping trusted brands can ensure that you find paint products that are low-VOC, eco-friendly, and safe to use in all environments. Vista Paint is a great brand that checks all of these boxes, and they always stock the trendiest and most beautiful paint colors.

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