4800 Metal Pro Primer

4800 Metal Pro Primer

Metal Pro Primer is a premium plus, low VOC, fast drying, waterborne, acrylic coating for interior or exterior use. This product offers excellent adhesion to metal surfaces, particularly galvanized metal; hence protecting the metal surface from oxidation. This product can be top coated with a variety of products but for the best protection of metal surfaces top coat Metal Pro with Protec Alkyd Emulsion Enamels (9700 Satin, 9800 Semi-Gloss, or 9900 Gloss).

Environment: Interior/Exterior

Recommended Uses: Recommended for non-ferrous metals (not containing iron) and galvanized metals. For best corrosion resistance on ferrous metals use 9600 Protec Metal Prime.

Colors: White (4800), Black (4805), Red Oxide (4810) and custom colors.

Quick Information

Interior/Exterior Acrylic Metal Primer


Quality/Type:    Premium Plus
Type: Primer
Solids by Volume: 37.0%

Approved/MPI #107 & #134