450 Biketrac Kote

450 Biketrac Kote

Biketrac Kote is a coating designed for bicycle lanes on asphalt and concrete roads. Biketrac Kote is a cost effective, high definition two-component high build acrylic/epoxy hybrid coating. This new and innovative chemistry offers fast drying, extreme wear and tear resistance, and supreme durability. Biketrac Kote is environmentally responsible, has better workability than older technologies such as standard two components coatings, and is a viable alternative to thermoplastic markings.
This new technology does not require any Isocyanate, or organic amine, and the pot life is 12 hours! Part “A”, and Part “B” of Biketrac Kote can be mixed in morning and used during the whole working day. Special aggregate is applied over the sprayed material, and after drying, it will create excellent durable non-skid surface on roads. Biketrac Kote is formulated with special colorant to provide many years of fade resistance and vibrancy.

Environment: Exterior

Recommended Uses: Asphalt, concrete, and any other surfaces that may be used in marking of the roads and pavements.

Colors: 450 White, 451 Yellow, 452 Red, & 453 Blue

Quick Information

Exterior paint designed for bicycle lanes

Quality/Type: Specialty
Type: Finish
Solids by Volume: 63.62%