4200 Terminator II

4200 Terminator II

A stain-blocking, multi-purpose acrylic primer for interior and exterior use. Has excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates and can be applied on most architectural surfaces. Will provide excellent "grain crack resistance" and flexibility needed for the durability of exterior wood surfaces. Redwood and cedar exhibit excellent tannin stain resistance. Has excellent efflorescent and alkaline resistance which makes this product an excellent choice for stucco & and masonry substrates.

Environment: Interior/Exterior

Recommended Uses: Terminator II has a variety of adhesion properties for interior/exterior wood, galvanized metal, steel, aged alkyd paint, stucco, tilt-ups, and masonry. Terminator II will also block most household stains.

Colors: White

Quick Information

Interior/Exterior Primer/Sealer/Stain Killer


Quality/Type: Premium Plus
Type: Primer
Solids by Volume: 39.0%