350 Floortec Vaporseal

350 Floortec Vaporseal

A two component high solids liquid epoxy coating. It is designed to migrate deep into the voids & pores of cementitious surfaces such as concrete & masonry. Because of its unique 100% solid liquid epoxy polymer system it has the advantage of low viscosity providing excellent flow & diffusion into the concrete. This product aids in reducing the hydrostatic pressure caused by moisture leaching from the soil. This averts efflorescence forming at the surface of the concrete caused by salt complex migrating up through the cement by capillary action. These salt formations can disrupt & or destroy the bonding of the coating to the concrete causing substantial delamination between the coating & the concrete surface.

Environment: Interior

Recommended Uses: Use over new or preexisting concrete to help penetrate deep into the surface of the concrete to provide a stronger concrete aggregate in addition to a vapor barrier. This product can also be used on previously painted concrete surfaces as long as the previous coating is properly removed to the exposed concrete. It will penetrate deeply into the concrete where most of the sealer will be below the surface of the concrete, but will also provide an interface for the topcoat coating to strongly adhere.

Colors: Semi-Opaque White

Quick Information

Epoxy Floor Coating Vapor Sealer


Quality/Type: Premium
Type: Finish
Solids by Volume: 75.75%