Blue Paint Colors

The color of the endless sky and tranquil oceans, Blue holds deep and diverse symbolism. The color most often associated with calmness, serenity, and stability offers us respite in this world. It most often symbolizes trust, loyalty and dependability. 

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Our Favorites

0640 Skylla
0639 Acapulco Dive
0674 Sarahs Garden
0661 Charybdis
0675 Blue Bliss
0610 Blue Parlor
0597 Himalaya Sky
0619 Honky Tonk Blue
0660 Epimethius
0590 Madonna Blue

Blue has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation, making it a popular choice for interior decor in bedroom and meditation spaces.

0662 Ocean Spray
0653 Sea of Atlantis
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Blue is tied to wisdom and intellect, representing clear thinking and knowledge.

0682 Pleasant Stream
0676 Jobs Tears

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