If you’re planning to repaint your home’s exterior in 2023, it can be difficult to know where to start with a paint color. Do you keep your current color with only a light refresh? Or do you totally overhaul it?

A few things to be mindful of before starting are the LRVs of the paint you’re looking at and the amount of light your home receives. LRV stands for Light Reflective Value, and it indicates exactly what the name implies - how much light the paint will reflect. White paint has an high LRV up to the 80s while a dark paint may have an LRV in the 20s.

Too much LRV in a sunny area can make your home have a glare, while dark paint paired with a tree-covered atmosphere and not much natural light can further depress the paint color. As you’re searching, consider a higher LRV if your home is in the shade and a lower one if yours is in the sun.

Additionally, consider how much area you’ll be painting. A small amount of siding or trim means you can play with fun, vibrant colors for a pop of excitement. If you’re painting all of the brick or have large amounts of siding, a more neutral color holds more curb appeal than a two-story house painted bright pink.

Finally, consider the material you’ll be painting. Brick is porous and absorbs paint differently than siding or wood. Test your paint on your intended surface to make sure you like the look of it. Don’t forget to look at your roof color - a dark shingle or tile can look too heavy when paired with a dark exterior paint color. Similarly, a reddish shingle would clash with a cool exterior paint.

To narrow down some options, let’s take a look at some popular exterior paint colors for 2023. Vista’s recommended palette for 2023 is heavily inspired by the natural world. They recommend Black Liquorice and Hideaway for those wanting a dark exterior or contrasting trim. This style of paint is popular with those who want a neutral exterior to dress up however they please. It works great with a contrasting neutral trim, such as white or cream.

White exterior paint also hasn’t gone out of style. White paint can reflect light and relieve some summer heat. Vista’s recommendation for those wanting a white paint is White Shoulders. This is a cool white, meaning the undertones are blue, not red, so it will maintain a cool pale blue tint in any lighting. That pairs well with more exteriors and isn’t blinding in the sun.

If you want a neutral exterior but maybe dark gray or black isn’t your thing, Vista recommends Let It Rain and Ice Flow. These are medium neutrals that aren’t too dark or too light. With gray paint, always test before painting because gray looks very different in different lighting.

If you prefer more color, go bold with Charybdis and Hyper. Charybdis is a bold blue reminiscent of a clear sky on a summer’s day. Hyper is an acid green that will be sure to draw every eye.

Blue Jacket is a bold blue gray with powdery undertones and is the perfect representative of 2023’s theme of the natural world. The blue is rich and changes appearance depending on cloud cover and time of the year.

If you’re looking for a green, Earthen Cheer is a strong, deep green that verges on gray. For those who want a dark exterior without the starkness of black paint, this is an ideal choice. It still provides a darker backdrop while putting out a more natural vibe.

Dowager is another green with gray undertones. It looks lovely on wood shakes or wood siding as the natural material pairs beautifully with the naturally inspired paint tone. It would also be ideal for a Craftsman-style home with lots of area to paint.

Sacred Spring is a midtone neutral gray that runs warm or cool depending on the surrounding colors. This gray is perfect for those wanting a light exterior with more tone and color than white. This is a popular paint color for a reason. It’s easy to decorate with and pairs with existing landscaping and roof colors.

North Sea is an icy blue-gray with a very natural feel, hence the name. This blue sidesteps rustic feelings and goes straight to a cozy contemporary vibe without looking too dark or dusty.

Like the name suggests, Star-Studded is a sharp, commanding blue ideal for those who want a statement color that isn’t overwhelming. The dark color is ideal for sunny areas to show off its tones, and it pairs wonderfully with white trim.

Sparkling Champagne is an effervescent choice for those painting old brick, since some of the paint will be absorbed by the porous material. This white is creamy and soft rather than glaring and stark, meaning it absorbs enough light to offset its lighter tone. It’s an ideal choice for stucco as well as brick.

With these natural colors in vogue, make sure to pair trim and shutter paint well. An earthy gray will look out of place if the trim is a hospital-inspired stark white. Instead, consider moving to oatmeals and cream colors for accent trims rather than white.

Finally, remember you can make any neutral backdrop pop with bold color on your door, such as Movie Star, Vista’s bold bright red that wouldn’t look out of place as that perfect lipstick. If you’re looking more for a yellow, Happy Face will bring a splash of sunshine to any surface. This yellow is bright and warm and reminiscent of a sunflower at its summery peak.

While black and gray neutrals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, 2023 shows a shift back toward the natural world with more blues and greens popping up. Whether you want a neutral backdrop for your inspired garden or a bold green visible from down the street, 2023 is sure to bring many options to your home.

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