Congrats, you have a precious little boy that you want to celebrate! Painting his room and making it into a fun, personalized space is the perfect way to show him you love him. Whether your little boy is in your tummy and waiting to be welcomed into the world or already into his teens, he’ll love having a space that was created especially for him. Even if you’re helping your college-aged son redesign his own room and need to find a color that will work with your furniture, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the trendiest paint colors for boy’s rooms this year. Here are a few of our favorite color schemes and paint shades!

Modern Neutral

If you don’t want to go bold with any bright paint colors, you can still spruce up these modern neutrals and make them look fun by pairing them with exciting furniture, artwork, and décor pieces. Make sure to include details that your little boy will love for a personalized touch.

Beige/Tan Shades

There are lots of beige and tan shades that can look gorgeous in your home and still provide an inviting environment for your son. Sunday Gloves by Vista Paint has red and brown undertones, which helps it to pair well with natural wood and other warm colors. Loch Ness by Vista Paint is a little bit cooler, with undertones that feel a little more neutral. Cooler still is Saturnia, which seems like more of a “greige” and can work well with blues and greens without being a strict gray.

Grays Shades

On the other hand, if you like gray color tones, there are lots of great options from Vista Paint. These different tones of gray will look clean and cool. Just a Little by Vista Paint is a touch cooler and grayer than Saturnia but still has a lightness to it. Turkish Tower or Orchid Shadow both have brown undertones, which could work well if you have brown furniture you’d like to put in the room. For a blue-based gray, try Foggy Mist or Serene Setting by Vista Paint. These grays will pair well with blues.

Bold Blues

All boys love blue, don’t they? Well, maybe not all boys, but if yours does, there are many stunning options for you to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites.

Light Blue Shades

Light blues can truly brighten up any space, making it feel clean, airy, and open. Marzena Dream is a classic baby blue color that could be darling for a baby boy’s nursery and grow with him with the right design. Nuance is a lovely light blue that has gray undertones, making it a little more interesting. Luxor Blue is the lightest, prettiest shade of turquoise that wouldn’t look at all feminine when it is paired with masculine details and furniture.

Muted Gray Blue Shades

If your son is older, he might prefer some muted, darker blue-gray colors, such as John’s Blue, North Sea, or Celestial Horizon. For a lighter blue-gray option, Blue Pot, Babbling Creek, or Chicago Skyline could all be stunning options. These blue-gray colors will look sophisticated as your little boy gets older.

Deep Blue Shades

You can also be adventurous and opt for a bright, royal blue such as Bowen Blue. Your little boy might really love this color choice, but you might end up painting over it in a few years if he is older and wants something a little more subdued. Caribbean Current still has the bright blue undertones but is a little more muted. Quiet Peace is a dark navy that is nearly black. Such a dark color could make your space feel smaller, but it would look great on an accent wall feature!

Safari Ride

If your son gravitates towards green colors, why not take him on a safari ride in his very own room? There are many shades of green that can transform your space without looking too boyish or young when your son grows up. Here are a few of our favorite green colors from Vista Paint.

Neutral Green Shades

Sometimes, it is nice to go with a green shade that won’t go out of style. These neutral, faded greens will make your son’s room feel like the beautiful outdoors without being an eyesore. Green Bonnet is a medium sage color that could look stunning in any type of room. Garland Pine is a light green that has a hint of yellow and gray in it, keeping it from being too feminine. Chic Shade is a darker green that has brown undertones, keeping it from being too vibrant or bold. Any teenage boy would feel at-home in a neutral green room.

Brighter Green Shades

If your son wants to choose a brighter green, might as well go bold or go home. Tropical Tale has a tiny hint of turquoise, which could add a fun twist to your color scheme. Gentle Caress is more of a bright yellow-green if you’re looking for something warmer. Aqueous is a true grassy green that could be quite overwhelming, but it would look great as an accent wall or paired with some matching wallpaper.

Deep Green Shades

Aquadazzle is a true, deep forest green, which you might love for an accent wall. Grassy Meadow is another great deep green option that has the slightest hint of blue undertones. Brookside by Vista Paint is a particularly dark color that is a bit more muted than these other options, which could be a trendier option that you’ll love long-term.

All of the paint shades described in this article will be from the brand Vista Paint. This brand creates gorgeous, vibrant paints with smooth finishes that also have low VOC levels, minimizing (if not eradicating) any chemicals that could be released from the paint into your home. Vista Paint also has a lot of beautiful and trendy options that will help your house feel more like a home. You’ll love relaxing at home and inviting friends over when you have such a beautiful home to show off.

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